Torrus+SIAM+Extopus software demo

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This is a demo server that illustrates the integration of Torrus, SIAM and Extopus open-source software packages.

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Torrus Web interface

Extopus interface in different views:

Technology details


SIAM is a library that interfaces the enterprise's service inventory system and presents it in an universal and abstracted way for use in Torrus and Extopus.

In this demo, however, SIAM is not talking to any service inventory system, but instead it reads its data from a static YAML file via the SIAM::Driver::Simple driver.


Torrus is used for SNMP discovery and polling. It also presents the data in a device-centric view via its native Web interface.

In this demo, only IF-MIB is enabled, and all other MIBs are disabled for the sake of saving the electrons. Devices are assigned symbolic names that are not visible in any DNS, and Torrus is configured to access those devices by their IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. The same collector process is polling both IPv4 and IPv6 devices in parallel.

This demo server is polling real-life production devices, and in order to screen the confidential information, all SNMP contact information is suppressed, and all interface descriptions are replaced with "x".

The tp-siam plugin interfaces the SIAM data and imports per-interface NodeID values. These values are imported into the Torrus configuration and allow to refer to device ports by their inventory ID from the enterprise inventory system. For example, this interface is referred to by a NodeID value that is imported from the SIAM data file. Also the plugin imports the service bandwidth for such interfaces where it's available. This example interface is provisioned with 50Mbps bandwidth in the SIAM data file.


Extopus is a monitoring aggregator, capable of presenting data gathered by several monitoring systems in a combined GUI.

In this demo installation, Extopus displays the traffic statistics in a service-centric presentation. It imports the customer service definitions from SIAM data, and builds its own representation of traffic statistics.

In this demo, Extopus is not configured for user authentication. It supposes that the whole HTTP output is proxied through a customer self-service portal, and the portal software would perform the user authentication.

Extopus accesses the Torrus data via HTTP, so in production installation it may reside on a completely independent server. Also one Extopus instance can aggregate data from multiple Torrus servers.


Tomas Caslavsky: provided SNMP access to his routers via IPv6.

Mathias Seiler: provided SNMP access to his router via IPv6.

Interoute: provided SNMP access to their routers.


Tobi Oetiker: author of Extopus software. Also provided this server space.

Stanislav Sinyagin: author of Torrus and SIAM software.